About Us:


Hi! I'm Megan, the one behind HollyGo! And these people are my WHY! Jesse is my husband of 14 years, and the man I have loved since I was 9 years old. He is my encourager and supporter, and there is literally no dream of mine that he won't get behind. We have 3 daughters and our house is loud and full of all the emotions and we feel blessed beyond measure! 
Why Holly?? Here's how it all began. 10 years ago my husband convinced me to quit my job in the medical field and do something that I loved. He and I are opposites in many ways-- he loves a risk and he dove head first into the best embroidery machine on the market at the time. When it was time to open my store-- I needed a name! What better than the name my precious nephews called me-- Holly! (Long story there, but that is all they did and still do call me!) And the rest is history--HollyGo began, and it has been a blessing beyond what we could have dreamed! Over the past 10 years, business ebbed and flowed as I had 3 babies, moved 8 times and lived through homeschooling my kids through a pandemic- whew!  It has been exactly what we needed when we needed it, and we are forever grateful for YOU! Without your constant support HollyGo wouldn't be--so thank you from the bottom of The Goforth's hearts!